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S650 Digital Counting Scale
S650 Digital Counting Scale
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SALTER BRECKNELL S650 Digital Counting Scale

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There's no need to spend hours training employees on the operation of the Salter Brecknell 650 Digital Counting Scale. Utilizing color coded keys, and easy to follow prompting, scale operators will quickly feel confident in the 650 counting scale operations. This heavy duty counting scale by Salter Brecknell features Supervisor Controlled Accuracy - By entering in required minimum level of scale accuracy from 95% to 99.90%, the scale monitors the sample weight and prompts for more pieces when an insufficient sample weight is used. Supervised Controlled Sample Size - By entering in minimum sample size from 1 to 999,999. This is a password protected supervisory control. Graphic Dot Matrix Display - Scale display prompts operator with alphanumeric characters on a highly visible backlit Dot Matrix LCD display. Two Bi-Directional RS-232 Port - Provides data transmission to a printer, computer, remote display or other compatible devices and input from barcode scanner. The 650 Digital Counting scale provides excellent value in an accurate, heavy duty, industrial counting scale that will last your company a very long time. Order Now or Call a Bullseye Scale industrial counting scale specialist Toll FREE AT 877-65-SCALE !