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Super II Bar Code Counting Scale System
Super II Bar Code Counting Scale System
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SETRA Super II Bar Code Counting Scale System

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Bullseye Scale Company is proud to offer the Setra Super II Bar Code, Counting Scale System. This powerful, yet versatile system can be used to maximize inventory accuracy accuracy and employee productivity. Upon receiving, The Setra Super II Bar Code Counting Scale System can encode the product Average Piece Weight, box Tare weight, Part# and other desired user data such as lot#, location, etc. The TARE and APW will be automatically sent from the scale and other user data can be easily entered via a standard PS2 keyboard. Once printed and attached, you can scan the TARE and APW bar codes back into the Setra Super II Counting Scale and get a net count of what's in the box without re sampling or even opening the box. Imagine how much faster picking order will be...and Inventory Time will be a breeze, just like a hot knife through butter. With the optional battery pack, you can send this system on a cart and finish even faster by bringing the scale to the parts, not the parts to the scale. You can use the internal database to store info for over 1500 part #'s (depending on the amount of info stored), and recall all pertinent info from just scanning a part # bar code. Use the internal transaction log to record the scales work by part#, pieces, operator#, etc. The Setra Super II Digital, Counting Scale Bar Code System can be further automated with macro programming which can further simplifiy the counting process with step by step, text instructions and on button operation. ** The Setra Super II Bar Code, Counting Scale System includes a Setra Super II Digital Counting Scale (no B/L), a Direct Thermal Bar Code Label Printer, an HHP or Argox Scan Gun, a case of labels (size and quantity TBD), all necessary wiring, calibration, programming of one label format. *Add $99.00 for programming of a macro. ** Remember... a 95% in school and you're a straight A student.. NOT SO in terms of inventory accuracy. With Bullseye Scale and Setra Systems you can minimize your deviations and inentory errors while increasing productivity. Order Now or Call a Bullseye Scale, Digital Counting Scale specialist Toll Free to talk more about how a Setra Super II Bar Code, Counting Scale SYstems can help you company with better accuracy, faster order pulls and lightning fast inventories. 877-65-SCALE !

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