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Digital Counting Scales

Digital Counting Scales are used to count small and large parts and coins in industrial and commercial manufacturing and distribution applications. Counting scales are a valuable tool in increasing inventory accuracy and productivity. Bulls eye Scale Company offers low cost to high resolution digital counting scales that range from single platform counting scales, dual scale systems and even bar code label printing and scanning counting scale systems. Contact a digital counting scale specialist with any questions you have. Toll Free 877-65-SCALE!

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B120 Digital Counting Scale
The Salter Brecknell B120 is a perfect addition to Bullseye Scale Company and the Salter Brecknell Counting Scale family. The B120 digital counting scale is an economical counting scale you can...
Sale Price: $279.00
B220 Digital Counting Scale
The B220 heavy digital parts counting scale from Salter Brecknell uses patented vibrating beam digital technology for the most accurate weighing possible. Each B220 digital counting scale has over 5,0...
Sale Price: $389.00
B225 Digital Counting Scale
The B225 heavy duty Counting Scale from Salter Brecknell provides accuracy and ease of use in an industrial built digital counting scale. The B225 has an optional Remote Scale Connection - A high qual...
Sale Price: $599.00
S610 Digital Counting Scale
The 610 Digital Counting Scale by Salter Brecknell combine low cost and ease of use to make a wonderful addition to the Salter Brecknell line of high quality counting scales. The 610 electronic counti...
Sale Price: $329.00
S630 Digital Counting Scale
The S630 Series Counting Scale by Salter Brecknell, available in four capacities, is an easy-to-use, high-resolution counting scale featuring keyboard tare and unit weight entry, as well as a memory a...
Sale Price: $419.00
S650 Digital Counting Scale
There's no need to spend hours training employees on the operation of the Salter Brecknell 650 Digital Counting Scale. Utilizing color coded keys, and easy to follow prompting, scale operators will qu...
Sale Price: $795.00
TC-2005 Digital Counting Scale
Although this scale is discontinued and no longer available for sale, Bullseye Scale Company still offers expert calibration and scale repair service for these units. The TC-2005 really only remain...
Sale Price: $669.00
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