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Digital weighing scale

Digital weighing scales are easy to read and accurate in measurements. They are available in a number of applications - such as pocket weighing scale, postal scale, jewelry weighing scale, medical scales, fishing/game scales, industrial scales, kitchen scales, laboratory digital scales, retail scales, shipping scales.

Checkweigher Electronic Weighing Scale is designed with variable capacitance technology and offers high accuracy and internal resolution for weighing. It is ideal for material handling, inventory control and packaging applications. Users simply select a target weight or count for filling operations and enter the over/under tolerance. Checkweigher automatically signals the operator when load is in range.

Setra Checkweigher Digital Scale (No Backlight)
Setra Checkweigher Digital Scale (No Backlight)
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Setra Checkweigher Digital Scale (No Backlight)

Sale Price: $1499.00
Setra is pleased to announce the latest addition to our fine line of industrial digital scales. The Setra digital Checkweigher offers the same range of capacities as well as many of the valuable benefits of our Setra counting scales including custom label generation, control of accuracy, and bar coding capabilities. Setra Systems Industrial Digital Checkweigher Scale is designed in the tradition of all Setra Counting Scales based on award-winning variable capacitance technology, The Setra Checkweigher Digital Scale is the ideal solution for your inventory control, packaging, quality and material handling applications when high accuracy and resolution are imperative to customer satisfaction and your bottom line. The Setra Checkweigher offers a full range of capacities and a database that allows long-term storage of up to 1800 part numbers with their associated low, target and high average piece weight. The optional relay box for this scale is optically isolated and provides 3 outputs and 2 digital inputs. The optional light tree provides compact visible indication. The Setra Checkweigher features High Accuracy, High Resolution. Prompting Macros, Signals Low, Target, High. Internal Database, Multiple Base Connectivity (standard for connection to other Setra bases, with an optional analog remote scale option to connect to any analog scale base.), Three RS232 Communication Ports. Available options for the Setra Industrial, Digital Checkweigher include Light Tree Indicating Low, Target and High. Optically Isolated Relay Box. Dymo Labelwriter Setra 300. Printer. Remote Scale Option. Linear Imager Scanning Gun. Portable Operation with Internal. Battery (optional). Cold Cathode Florescent Backlighting. The versatility of the Setra Industrial Chechweigher Scale is in a checkweighing class of it's own. Order Now or Call an Industrial Digital Scale specialist Toll Free at 877-65-SCALE !
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